1. General provisions

1.1. This Regulation (hereinafter referred to „ Regulations”) determines elements and the terms of using and functioning from the service (hereinafter referred to „ Service” or „ Portal”).

1.2. The service is meant exclusively for persons (hereinafter referred to „ Users”) of full legal age and sane mentally. These Regulations are applying to every user using the service.

1.3. Before using the service centre the User is obliged to the confirmation of the fact of achieving the majority and approval of this Regulations

1.4. The Service is giving the possibility of the inspection and of placing an advertisement (called also „ Advertisements”), at the same time the service is warning that the meaning of Announcements has exclusively information character and cannot be treated as a trade offer.

1.5. The Service and the Administrator are not establishing possible acquaintances as a side or is not an intermediary in arranging the meetings.

1.6. The Administrator is reserving the right for himself to the vary off to the side or his part for persons which deliberately are acting to not a benefit of the service and are contrary to this regulations.

1.7. Looking Announcements through is free of charge

2. Rights and obligations of the User

2.1. The person confirming the fact of achieving the majority before the entry to the Service is becoming the User.

2.2. The User has the right to the registration of the account, giving the login name and e-mail

2.3. It’s forbidden registering the User of which the name can be regarded vulgar, and he’s(she’s) infringing personal goods of other persons or he/she depicts or he/she is propagating the violence, hate,, cultural, ethnic, religious race discrimination e.t.c.).

2.4. The registered User has the access and the possibility for using from functions of the service invisible for not registered persons.

2.5. Establishing many accounts by one user and using them are forbidden for judging and of commenting one of the same Announcements.

2.6. It’s forbidden for the User adding the Announcement to judging and commenting their announcement.

2.7. The User is bearing the full responsibility for the contents put in the Announcement, at the same time he is confirming that published photographs and data belong to him and contents are matching with regulations and the Polish Law.

2.8. The User using the service mentioned above is obliged not to use the meaning of Announcements in the way regarded vulgar, wrong or being able to in other way cause damage for third party

2.9. The User commits himself to use contents made available to him of the Service at targets the Administrator is reserving private

2.10. In case of breaking regulations Administrator has the right to remove the account with his entire activity in the service without stating a reason

2.11. In case of the lack of correct logging to the User account within 150 days, the Administrator is reserving the right to remove the account with his entire activity without warning.

2.11.1. The User with the registration is expressing consent to put and to process his personal details by the Administrator, according to the conditions set out in the Politics of the Privacy Protection.

2.11.2. The User is incurring full responsibility for effects of incorrect using of the Service, including the possible breach of the property or personal copyright of the third party.

2.11.3. The User is obliged for immediate informing the Administrator in case of stating the incompatibility in the Announcement or the law-breaking by the Person placing an advertisement

3. Rights and obligations of the Administrator

3.1. The Administrator of the service isn't bearing responsibility too:
- Contents placed in announcements;
- Credibility of added Announcements;
- Contents put by Users on pages of the service or the forum
- problems in functioning of the Service, if they took place as a result of indirect causes by the Administrator, in particular of fortuitous events about character of the force majeure or the interference of the third party
- Loss of the given accounts of Users caused by the breakdown of interference of the third party;
- persons acting in discord with this Regulations and for the application or the data processing of Users contrary to its intended purpose of Service;
- putting photographs or data infringing the good of the third party, a User publishing arguable contents is bearing the full liability;
- Effects resulting from the access to erotic plots being in a Service by underage persons;

3.2. the administrator is reserving the right to: - Simultaneously informing implementing amendments to Regulations of the Service of Users of the Service about existing changes
- Of hanging or closing the Service without stating a reason
- Of editing of meanings of Announcements placed in the service
- Of implementing additional conditions essential to use the service or his services
- Of organization of competitions
- Of removing or freezing accounts of Users not observing the rules
- Refusals of placing an Advertisement if it is not in accordance with regulations of the Service or the Law

3.3. The Administrator isn't giving consent to copy and to process contents and data included in the Service

3.4. the Administrator and the service are neither a side nor an intermediary in establishing possible acquaintances or arrange the meeting and he/she isn't taking the responsibility behind matters in dispute resulting from getting acquainted oneself of Users

4. Adding Announcements

4.1. before adding the Announcement every User of the Service is obliged to read the rules exclusively

4.2. The Announcements can give only persons of full legal age.

4.3. The User of the Service can have only one announcement. In one announcement can be the data and photographs of only one person (it’s regarding the department woman/men, with the exception of the pairs department and luxury apartments)

4.4. The User adding the Announcement is declaring that he read the rules and contents and data are true and photographs are introducing the person to which the number is passed in the Announcement. Explicitly the User is confirming the fact of holding the copyright to placed photographs or the agreement of other persons which the Announcement concerns.

4.5. The Administrator is reserving the right to cease the publication of a notice because of breaking regulations by the User

4.6. The User adding the Announcement has the duty:
- To give a correct telephone number and e-mail of the Person placing the Announcement in the objective of the verification and the possible contact with the Administration department of the Service centre;
- To place three current photographs, at least one from them must present the entire silhouette of the Person placing the Announcement
- to add photographs of the good quality on which one can't see the interference of graphical programs but one of dimensions isn't smaller than 400 px - to fill all compulsory fields up correctly in the Advertising Form
- to meet all conditions of Regulations differently the Administrator will refuse the publication - of update of announcing substantial changes of data in case of taking place

4.7. The User placing the Announcement is taking the total criminal and Civil responsibility behind contents and photographs placed in the Announcement

4.8. The User placing the Announcement is giving consent to processing and publications of his data and the photographs contained in the Announcement.

4.9. The administrator is reserving the right for himself to change of the content of the Announcement and the alteration of photographs (the change of the size, brightness’s, adding inscriptions in every photograph with the name of the portal and covering the face finding persons oneself in a photo after earlier marking by the User the option in the form)

4.9.1. In case of breaking Regulations of the Service the Announcement will be removed and the costs associated with his publication aren't being returned to the User.

4.9.2. The cost of placing an Advertisement is 50 zloty and a time of the emission is 30 days counting from the day of the appearance in the Service. In case of not receiving the payment for the next 30 consecutive days of emission Announcement will be automatically removed

4.9.3. If the User wants to stop publishing the Announcement for some time, than has to inform Administrator and it will be moved to the archive and restored if requested. The cost for broadcastings the announcement isn't going to be returned.

4.9.4. The Administrator is reserving the right to implement the promotional period of added announcements.

5. privacy policy

5.1. The administrator of the Service is caring for the safety of disclosed data, in particular before the access of unauthorized persons the Service provides everyone for registered users with the exercise of entitlements under the Act from day 29 of August of 1997 about the protection of personal data (Dz.U. No. 133, position 883), in particular right to inspect to own data, the right to demand the update and to remove data and the right to make an objection in cases set out in provisions of this act.

5.2. Giving data is voluntary the Information included in system logs can contain different data, e.g. IP address? Service. Is using them exclusively in technical purposes and for collecting the general, statistical demographic information. Above data can be made available to entities authorised on the basis of effective laws and regulations in the time of infringing laws of the Service, the attempt to set or other working on its damage. Some areas of services belonging to can use cookies that are identifying small text files sent to the computer of the Internet User of it of operation in the way needed for simplifying or amortizing given. They are Cookies harmless both for the computer, and for his user and his data. With activity condition cookies there is their approval by the browser and not removing them from the disc.

5.3. The administrator and the Service. isn't overcome liabilities for contents turning up at Announcements Users

5.4. Administrator. Is reserving the right to send to users not announced messages. An information referring directly to functioning of the Service is being ranked among them (e.g. changes in functioning), or non-commercial lists (e.g. payment deadlines, information about the latest news, announcements of the system). Each of users of the Service has the right to warn that he doesn't want to learn from the service centre. All advertising contents associated with the commercial activity of the Administrator and his contracting parties can be sent to Users exclusively with their permission, according to the plot art. 10 acts from 18 July 2002 about the service delivery with electronic means (Dz. At. 2002, No. 144, pos. 1204, with later amendment)

5.5. The service is reserving the right for the change of the privacy policy, without stating causes.

5.6. We ask all questions and doubts concerning Regulations, the Politics of the privacy protection and using the Service to direct Services of the User at the Department.

6. the Administrator is reserving :

6.1. final provisions the right for himself to change of contents of Regulations at any time and without the need to state the cause

6.2. using the service confirms the approval of the Regulations

6.3. regulations are available on the website / regulations